The Maze Kickstarter Campaign

Dear website visitors, musicians and music lovers alike, This is a plea. As many of you know, The Maze has […]

Dear website visitors, musicians and music lovers alike,
This is a plea.

As many of you know, The Maze has become one of the most consistent small live music venues in the UK, with entertainment on every night. The main people behind the scenes at the venue have been the same now for over 10 years and though the company has changed, Gaz, Steph and Ben have all had involvement with the business and the music promotion throughout this time.
Over the years we have managed to make modest repairs to the venue and, unlike so many well loved venues in the UK, we have managed to keep the doors open and the music live 7 nights a week!

We have recently agreed a possible new deal which gives us a 15 year lease hold of the building, meaning we have some real potential to keep the business going strong for a the next 15 years!
Sadly however, there are several key things we need to improve at the venue urgently and are currently not in a position to afford to finance these changes off the income the venue makes alone.
We have never before asked for funding, but we need to give the whole venue a face lift and need address several issues with the building and equipment, and in recent years we have found it hard to make the needed improvements to the venue, due to lack of expendable funds
These changes can help improve footfall so we can build a better future for The Maze. After fighting our way through a constant recession and increases in taxes, bills, beer duty, music licensing etc; we simply don’t have the spare income to do make them without a lot of help!

So, we are running a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise funds for improvements.
The more we raise the more improvements we can make, but our first priority and our minimum aim is to install a modern air conditioning system. We also aim to make improvements to the flooring, outdoor area, revamp our toilets, and give the whole place a fantastic facelift.
We would really appreciate it if our music community and friends can get behind this campaign and help spread the word to the wider public and anyone who has played, visited or been involved in the Maze in the last 20 years!

We will be campaigning throughout April to try to help us raise funds so we can improve the Maze and make it a better venue for both customers, bands and promoters and give us a chance to keep the doors open in the long term and work with bands in Nottingham and bring new bands to Nottingham for another 10 years or more!

We are prioritising improvements on our air-conditioning systems, flooring and toilets. However, the more we raise, the more we can improve a place known for its open-minded, friendly vibes and quality music into all of these things, plus a modern and more enjoyable place to see live bands and keep supporting the local scene for decades to come!

We have been overwhelmed by the first week’s response and are now not far from hitting our first target of £5000, which will see improved us be able to get the improved air conditioning and give the place a lick of paint, however the toilets and flooring are still pressing issues and I have had much debate with customers over which things we should prioritise, if we can get the toilets sorted too it will really lift the whole place so we would be really happy if people can keep donating and get us close to the second or even third targets of £10,000 and £20,000.

We would like to thank everyone who has already donated and shared and all the bands and people who have offered help elsewhere too…..our music community has really shown us love and it gives us great hope that we can keep the venue open but as we said before the more we raise the better so if you value our venue and the work we do, even if we have hit the minimum target please donate.