How to hack an Instagram account? The big question right? And it is that sometimes you are curious and you want to know what another person is doing on their social network, in this case Instagram. In this article, you will know some waysof how to hack an IG account.

Through the web browser, it serves on PC and mobile

The vast majority of web browsers that you currently use have the option of storing the passwords of the different websites that are visited on them. Both on mobile phones and computers, especially in the case of Android and Google Chrome, these programs offer the possibility of saving the IG key, among others, so as not to have to constantly type it when logging in. Thus, a great possibility opens up to hack the account easily and quickly, although you will have to access the user’s PC, phone or tablet to do so. However, this method only works if the browser is used to enter this social network

Google chrome

If you are going to hack Instagram using Google Chrome to access your target’s password, these are the steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome application on the smartphone or PC of the person to be hacked.
  • Open the options menu (three dots vertically) and, within the drop-down menu, click on “Settings”.
  • Find the “Passwords” section and click on it.
  • Scroll down the list until you find the Instagram section. Press it.
  • Now to see the key, you may be asked to enter a code. If it doesn’t, you can easily see it. If it does, use the phone’s unlock code.
  • Copy the code to keep it safe.
  • Use your phone, tablet or PC to log into IG with the password obtained and the account of the user in question. You already have it.

Mozilla firefox

  • In the hypothetical case that the person uses this browser to access their Instagram profile, you have it easy. These are the steps to hack Instagram with Mozilla Firefox:
  • Open the Mozilla Firefox application on the user’s PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Go to the options section and enter the “Security” section.
  • There, you have to enter “Saved credentials”.
  • Next, you will see an extensive list of emails and keys stored in Firefox. Look for the Instagram section.
  • Click on “Show password”. If you are asked for a password, it will be the security password established by the user on his mobile.
  • Password reminder, works on PC and mobile
  • For the most clueless users, Instagram has the option to change the password so as not to have problems when logging in.

If you want to use the password reminder to hack IG, follow the steps that:

  • Take the phone, tablet or computer of the person in question, go to Instagram and close the session (if it was started).
  • Now, when you are on the initial screen of IG, enter the login section.
  • When you see the fields to enter your profile and password, click on “Have you forgotten your password?”
  • Now, choose between the name of the profile, the phone number or the email of the account of the user that you are going to hack.
  • Go to the person’s email inbox, from the same device, and look for the IG email to change the password.
  • Write one that is easy for you to memorize and then confirm and then delete this email you have received.
  • Log back into the Instagram app with the new password on the person’s device.
  • Now, you can use your PC or any other device you have to connect to that other user’s Instagram account with the new password.

It is possible that, after time, the person whose IG you hacked will end up realizing the password change. You will modify it and replace it with a new one, so this solution is mostly temporary.