257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Interested in hiring the Maze for your gig/clubnight/fundraiser? Here is a basic rundown of things to think about.

Sound Engineers

At the Maze we work with some of the most experienced sound engineers in Nottingham. Our engineers are highly trained and know both our rooms and rigs inside out. Generally our engineers work for around £80 for a night; however, this can be flexible and obviously depends on the timings of your show. If you require a second engineer for use in the upstairs Bendigo Lounge we can discuss and arrange a deal for this.

We are very reluctant to let anyone else use our sound system and will insist on using a sound engineer we know, ideally one of our in-house engineers. If you have a sound engineer you would prefer to use we are happy to discuss this, however we may ask you to pay a small fee for one of our in-house engineers to supervise yours.

Sound System

We have worked very hard over the last few years to make sure our sound system is suitable and powerful enough for our venue. We are happy for you to use it (with our engineer/staff supervision) but we are also happy for you to use your own system if you so desire.

Technical Specs

PA & Sound System 

  • 24 Channel Mixing Desk
  • 24 Channel Multicore
  • 2 Way Monitor Mix with up to 5 wedges.
  • 4K Sound System
  • 2 FX Units
  • Full sets of standard industry microphones (SM58/SM57)
  • Plenty of DI boxes, leads and mic stands
  • Gates and compressors
  • Graphic Equalisers
  • Double CD Mixer
  • Lighting Rig with chasers and spots

Stage Dimensions

13 foot deep by 15 foot wide

200 (main room)
60 (upstairs room) – cannot be hired separately to main room, only together.


Room Rent

Depending on the style of your night and the date of your event, room rent can vary. If we feel your night is going to require door staff this cost will be charged to you, but as with our engineer fee this is negotiable. Email us with details of your event idea and any enquiries you may have and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

We can also provide things such as projectors, extra staging, lighting and decor at an extra negotiable cost. Remember, we want your night to be a success too so just ask for anything you require and we will work with you to make the night as successful as possible for all involved.

If you are a new promoter, we might ask for a deposit that is refundable depending on how the night goes. We are happy to discuss this and agree on a fee depending on your circumstances.

Here at the Maze we want every night to be as fun and busy as possible with good vibes and good booze flowing through the building. All our staff are highly trained and experienced and happy to help, so feel free to ask any of our staff for advice and assistance in making your night a success!

What we expect from you

The Maze has a reputation as one of the finest underground venues of its size in the UK and we do get booked up well in advance. We will provide you with a room, sound system, full microphones, DI boxes, mic stands and cables as well as bar staff and door staff and we are happy to help promote your night through our web presence and in our monthly gig guides.

HOWEVER we have certain targets and expectations. We expect you to provide us with all the information about your night at least 6 weeks in advance (so we can add listings to our websites and other promotional material), we expect appropriate posters and flyers for your night to be provided to the venue at least 5 weeks before the date and we expect you to keep in contact about any special needs or requests you might have. Please be aware that if you do not respond to repeated attempts at contacting you, your date may be released to other promoters.


Still interested?

Get in touch! Either pop in and talk to a member of staff or contact us.