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Doors: 9:30 pm | Price: £3 | Ages: 18+ | Room: The Maze

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Cracker Jon & 2late
Croydon, South London is widely known as the birth place of the Dubstep movement which has aggravatingly seeped deep into the modern commercial culture having become the backdrop to every advert and pop hit this side of 2011. You wouldn’t expect the same south London borough to be the home of its antithesis, Cracker Jon & 2Late. The duo churn out music like they have been transported back in time and hitched rides in the delorean with the likes of a 90′s Redman & Eric Sermon, the artifacts, George Clinton & Miles Davis to name but a few. How did these two young scoundrels develop such a vintage crusty sound amidst the lasers, donks, womps and squelches of their neighbours. How did these two carve out a sound so dirty & authentic? How is it possible that kids who were learning to walk, talk, and going to primary school in the 90′s are able to become ambassadors of the sound we all hold near and dear to our hearts with such convincing results. The proof is simply in their output, you have to hear it to believe it.

2Late makes beats that would even leave the likes of (insert 90′s producer name here) scratching his head going, ‘wait a minute…did I make this?’… Marinated in a vintage Jazz funk concentrate since a young age, 2Late is a self taught rhythmical mastermind and a perfect counterpart for the tirades of Cracker Jon, who’s flow bobs and weaves perfectly between the syncopated rhythms of the raw as fuck production.

Cracker Jon, the mouthpiece of the duo, does not cater to anyone, ‘F*** a chorus, you don’t get bored when I spit’. With a general disregard for song structure, himself, others and not giving a single fuck about what you think, it is this infectious attitude that has you wanting more and more. What is he going to say next? Whether it be going from social awareness to drug fuelled debauchery or the global economy, everything is just a turn of phrase around the corner. The man has hidden depths and there are inklings to this submerged genius all over his debut album. Cracker Jon effortlessly blends the rugged uncompromising street ethics with blisteringly scathing social commentary into a sharply tipped nuclear warhead which walks the tight rope between the chasms of ignorance and genius.

The duo have been doing live shows for years, destroyed the UK festival circuit, toured the country with Fliptrix & Verb T and taken their antics further afield playing at Outlook Festival, Croatia. These two Croydon residents, are the anomaly, the exception to the rule. The majority of their peers have followed the lasers and glow sticks, however this pair of scurrying funk rats continue to paddle upstream crafting one outspoken funk track at a time. Uncompromising to the very core, we are proud to present Cracker Jon & 2Late ‘You Can take the Cracker out of Croydon’

Benny Diction
Benny Diction is a South Wales/East Midlands-raised MC/musician with well over
 a decade of writing lyrics, performing, 
organising and hosting events behind him.
 After moving to Liverpool in 2001, he started to
 rip open mics and became involved in long-running
 hip hop night Sunday Service. His 
collective The Punning Clan was formed in 
2005, with close involvement from IDA UK/DMC
 battle champ DJ Rasp.

Both solo and with crew, Benny has torn down
 stages at festivals and club nights across the
 UK and beyond, including Subliminal (Leeds), Dragonfly Festival (Sweden), Urban Moves (Norway), Passauer Kunstnacht Festival
 (Bavaria) and Howler (Melbourne), supporting the likes of Teebs (Brainfeeder), Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw), DJ Statik Selektah and Souls of Mischief and making it to the 2013 End Of The Weak UK finals along the way. Now residing in East London, Benny hosts regular rap event Holdin’ Court.

Benny has a string of releases to his name, the most notable being his debut album ‘Hard Graft, Arts & Crafts and Hearty Laughs’ and most recent full-length ‘Life Moves’. ‘Hard Graft…’ featured contributions from rising singers Liam Bailey and Eliza Shaddad along with many of Benny’s rap contemporaries, and ‘Life Moves’ was the culmination of a year and a half’s work with Melbourne production wizard Able8. It was also Benny’s debut release on heavyweight UK hip hop label Boom Bap Professionals.

With work well underway for a follow-up release with Able8 as well as several other projects planned with like-minded artists, Benny will continue to bring you plenty more quality hip hop to check in future.

TPS (Big Toast)
One third of TPS Fam, one fifth of Gatecrasherz, co-founder of Revorg Records and spiritual leader of Cunt Gang, Big Toast is a big lump with a talent for putting words together. Credited as the first person to put the words fuck, off and tarquin together, he has appointed himself the voice of his generation. Unfortunately his generation reject his voice and speak for themselves through the language of general retardedness, but as the french say Sämin’or. Toast speaks for a specific demographic of about 7 people, none of whom buy music. His debut solo album drops March 2015. Check www.revorg.co.uk to buy it or send abusive messages or whatever else cunts do on the interweb.

A Brief History of Oliver Sudden
From the age of 15 Oliver Sudden was rhyming on garage on He’s sisters karaoke machine, he used to make tapes with he’s pals from school on weekends but didnt take it too seriously. When he started college he’s knowledge of Hip Hop began to grow and so did he’s rhyme skills. After being at nearly every open mic at Deal Real Records (R.I.P) in carnaby street he started to build he’s style and practice he’s art regulary
with some of U.K’s veterans in the Crowd watching, making him super nervous! But constant microphone torture got him into S.I.N Army a collective of all the crews from deal real, speakers corner and and other events. At the time recording tracks with Jon Pathan now a big House producer, and Jetricks also now doing very well with he’s production. During these years he was representing The Living Dead, a group of Croydon M.c’s who Brought back the horrorcore.. other members were Indrid Kold, Chad Powerz, LoveCraft, and a few others were involved.
When he turned 18 he would go to The Black Sheep in Croydon for pound a pint night on tuesdays, where the dj would play Funk, Soul and Hip Hop allnight, good times.. Oliver’s sister introduced him to the dj which was Blue Movies known at the time as DJ Mek, they got chatting and a couple of weeks later he called Oliver over and played him a beat he made that he wanted some rhymes on. It was a BANGER! and they started work soon after. They released the first mixtape in February 2006 called “What D’you know bout Croydon?” 18 tracks of Oliver rapping angry boyish rhymes over random instrumentals from Prodigy to Yes to Kelis..? followed by the second installment in December 2006 called “The Transition” a much more serious 14 track release of mostly origional production by Blue Movies. And released on cd aswell on Dhobi Records.
He started to play more shows and organising and promoting a monthly night in the Black Sheep Bar Croydon called Bangers. This has been a big part of Oliver’s career, the highs and the lows.. Booking some of the uk’s finest acts over the 5 years and succesfully organising some massive events. But after the success of the event it was time to make a success of the artist inside and get back in the studio.
In August 2008 he realeased a Compilation called “The Slog” Which was the first product he was 100% happy with. Produced By Blue Movies, and Deft. And First video for “Keep Smiling” From The Slog was out in early 2009.

“The Vintage Fly E.P” produced by The Lazy Technician came out in may 2009 a 7 track mix of hard hitting boom bap along with some B-boy breaks freshly chopped and bashed out in the M.P.C.

During 2009 there was a circle of B-Boys at Black Sheep Bar every saturday. Oliver would go down and see that sometimes there was no Dj.. just an Ipod playlist or a cd playing. As he had been collecting records for a number of years he thought he should have a go at spinning for the B-Boys, and so he’s Dj career began. Since then Oliver has been playing in a number of High Profile venues and Festivals around London and the U.k.  Also Started a monthly event at Scream Lounge South Croydon, called Vintage Fly with The Lazy Technician and Mr Gats. This event went well but the demand for a live Hip Hop monthly led to changing the event to B.D.C Boogie Down Cronx which was a hit, free entry live hip hop on the weekend.
Also now teamed up with Jda kut from sensei.fm to organise EarWax at The Hive in Brixton. Another night of guest Dj’s and an open mic cypher.

2012 saw the attack that Oliver was building up to..Vintage Fly II with The Lazy Technician was out on CCRD in 2011  and the recordings had been stacking up over the last year. 2012 saw the release of..
Oliver Sudden & Steady Rock – The Shutdown EP – out Jan 12 on BBP Recordings – boombap.bandcamp.com
The Self produced EP – Deliver Sound – out May 12 on CCRD
Waste Not want Not LP with I.M.S – out Oct 12 on Starch Music – starch-records.com
and the Phenomenal Steaz LP – out Dec 12 also on BBP Recordings
plus numerous other features on other artists albums and mixtapes.

It has been said that Oliver Sudden created the scene in Croydon, linking all artists as one under the crue Croydon Council, sharing links and booking he’s local talented people for any gigs he could get. Managing projects for Venomus Vocalz and linking the crue and other artists with M.C.s, Promoters, Producers, and good people to know from all over. A known Hard worker making things happen for himself and he’s people,
that should be recognised as a key figure U.K Hip Hop.
Often thought of as just a DJ, promoter or manager he is without doubt one of the most skilled m.c’s adapting to all tempo’s and Styles,  definitely underrated and slept on by too many.

DJs Lethargy and Archive (KOLD Chillin’)