257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 7:00 pm | Price: £6 adv | Ages: 16+ | Room: The Maze

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Vomit started in 1977 when Marsh and Lee C had the same interest in punk rock and started writing together.. They would to go to Congleton youth centre at Eaton bank school and play loads of punk on their record player, they were soon joined by Steve and Gez Austin, they started to practice in a room at the youth centre with one amp, bins for drums and the singer just shouting, but they were off, it was Congletons first punk band.
Soon they had more amps and Stevo got his first drum kit, and they started playing classic punks songs and some of their own too. A few name and lineup changes occured before they split in 1980.
Nearly three decades later and Vomit returned and in 2016 played at two of the top festivals Nice & Sleazy and the worlds biggest festival Rebellion in Blackpool as well as gigs around the country!

captain hotknives
Bratford’s finest export has been playing festivals and clubs up and down the land for around 10 years now. Armed with a guitar, sometimes a double bass and now and again some mates Captain Hotknives sings songs we can all relate to!
His clever lyrics mixed with out right hilarious and outrageous ones will make you laugh out loud and his stage banter always entertains.
Song subjects include stealing drugs from elderly family members, having a hatred of crying useless children, being in a typical squat punk band and Glue being way better than all other substance abuse.

The Reverends
Originally formed in Derby late 2010 The Reverends underwent two line-up changes in 2016 with both Frank & Joe moving on leaving the remaining three original members of Gaz – Guitar & Lead Vocals, Mick – Bass & Vocals and Phil – Drums & Vocals to continue the fight.
2017 sees this new slimmed down line up promoting a brand new 4 track EP entitled ‘BELIEVE’ with gigs and festival appearances around the UK. There is also a much anticipated trip to mainland Europe in the planning. All this along with new material, new releases and new merch means the future for The Reverends looks good….. very good.
“The Reverends are unashamedly old school punk, replete with buzzsaw guitars, pounding drums and rasping vocals, with shout-along choruses and well crafted songs.”
Shane Baldwin – Vive Le Rock! Jan/Feb 2013

‘THE NEW ADDICTED’ 7/10 Vive Le Rock

It is hard to explain who Mollusca is, a party animal, a poetic beauty, a angry punk, a acoustic songstress? Known for being a member of Nottingham Ska army Unknown Era, Mollie Cule has been pushing forward with her solo work throughout 2018 and now has a beautifully balanced set that sits perfectly between funny, silly, witty acoustic punk, rant driven angry political folk punk and in your face slam poetry all delivered with emotion that sucks you in and punches you in the gut, heart and head.
This is earning her a ferocious reputation throughout the country and landing her slots at venues and festival including Nozstock and Boomtown.

A 4 piece Punk rock outfit from Nottingham who originally formed as kids in 1979, reforming in 1999 and now playing their 70s punk style regularly around the Midlands.
Noose have played support gigs with local fellow punk bands including Hung Like Hanratty, The Vibrators and Verbal Warning, and opened for the UK Subs in Nottingham on their 2016 and 2017 tours, XSLF (Stiff Little Fingers) in Ripley on their 2016 tour and Vice Squad on their 2018 tour.

only £6 adv (more on the door)