257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 8:00 pm | Price: £4 | Ages: 16+ | Room: The Maze


The Tirith
Are a progressive rock band that have somehow found themselves transported by time into the 21st Century. The band were formed in the 70s in Loughborough where they played as their previous incarnation Minas Tirith. Coming together again in 2010 they are now building their reputation in the Prog Rock world.  Many of the old songs still sound good, and these together with newer material form the core of The Tirith set, definitely a case of unfinished business.
The band’s track “The Daughter Of The Water” featured on the May 2013 cover disc of Prog Magazine who said of the band “The Tirith are both hardy veterans and cult heroes of the UK Prog scene. Reactivated in 2010, a new EP of blues-tinged Prog wonderment in January proved that their creative flame still burns brightly”.
The current lineup comprises founding members Tim Cox (guitars) and Dick Cory (bass and vocals), with Carl Nightingale on drums.Tim Cox and Dick Cory are songwriters, both together and separately. Tim Cox had major success in the 90s with the material he wrote for Rozalla (dance/rave genre).  “Everybody’s Free” was a worldwide hit and has sold over a million copies, it was also used by Baz Luhrmann in the wedding scene from “Romeo and Juliet The Movie”.  Dick Cory has had music used in BBC documentaries and is best known for his Trace Melon ambient material.
The Tirith’s music is a harder edged guitar based Prog than many current UK bands, the early reference points being Cream, Led Zeppelin, Love, Pink Floyd and The Doors.  These together with bands that came later such as King Crimson, early Jethro Tull.  Gnidrolog, Van Der Graaf Generator, Caravan, Gentle Giant and early Genesis form the core of the reference points for the music. Current influences are mostly from abroad, relating to bands such as Dream Theatre, Opeth, Tool, Katatonia and Spocks Beard.
The music is not all hard edged though, the band can create various moods featuring both rock ballads and acoustic material in the set.  With the Tirith it is all about good quality songs alongside the virtuoso guitar playing of the bands guitarist Tim Cox. With an album to follow later in 2014 the Tirith are a band to watch.

Red Bazer
Red Bazar are one of the finest instrumental rock bands to come from the UK in recent years.
They play their own unique blend of powerful, melodic rock with a prog edge.  The roots of their music has been influenced by classic rock bands such as Rush, Genesis and Led Zeppelin.
Formed in 2007 as a trio comprising: Andy Wilson on Guitar, Paul Comerie on drums and Mick Wilson on Bass and Keyboards.  In 2008 they released their first album ‘Connections’ which received excellent reviews from around the world.  Following on from the success of this, their second album ‘Differential Being’ was released in 2010 again, receiving excellent reviews.  The following year the band performed a series of gigs developing an energetic live show.  In 2013 the band released a three track EP ‘After The Ice Storm’ which has a wider use of keyboards within the arrangements.  Because of this they decided to enlist a full time keyboard player and after extensive auditions appointed Gary Marsh as the fourth member of the band.  As a four piece, Red Bazar have performed a series of live shows, one of which was performing for the Classic Rock Society supporting Alan Reed and band.
Red Bazar are now working on material for their next album which will be released later this year.