257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 7:00 pm | Price: £5 (suggested donation) | Ages: 18+ | Room: The Maze

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We are putting on Nottingham’s only non-corporate, anti-capitalist, activist, Queer Pride party in memory of Marsha P Johnson. The founder of Pride and a proud Black, Trans, Sex Worker! ❤️

Put on your best drag! Get that sugar daddy to give you some drinks money! Grab your Queer crew! And get your cute asses down to a night of affordable drinks, vegan cake to die for, incredible music and performers and a safe and inclusive venue for Nottingham Pride!

Inbox Eshe Kiama Zuri if you are interested in performing at this event.

Makeup station and temporary tattoo bar!
Best outfit wins a £15 bar tab!

Suggested donation £5+
Buy a ticket online to ensure entry (as it may get super busy!!)

All money raised gets split between the performers and DJs as payment for all their hard work! We will also be raising money for the #RaiseToStaycampaign on the night.

18+ only.

Wheelchair accessible from back door, contact us in advance so we can let you in!
If you need seating, there will be reserved seating for accessibility, no questions asked.


This is a Black Queer organised event and will centre the QTIBPOC community. White people are very welcome and invited as long as they are respectful and are aware that they are guests in this space.

This space has a zero tolerance policy for:
Racism, xenophobia, sexism, queerphobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia, classism, femmephobia.

This also includes zero tolerance on:
Cultural appropriation, TERFs, SWERFs, religious abuse, fat shaming, slut shaming.

If there are concerns about any one in this space, please speak to one of the organisers.


We are asking around the local community for crash space for people travelling from beyond Nottingham, so let me know via Eshe Kiama Zuri if you can provide any.

If you are travelling from beyond Nottingham and need a place to crash for the night, also drop me a message so we can try and link you with someone with space!

If you want to donate to the travel costs of the performers then please donate via this link below!

Please help Nottingham break out of its police centred, capitalist Pride and blossom its only Queer anti-capitalist anti-fascist ACAB event!