257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 7:00 pm | Price: £8 adv | Ages: 16+ | Room: The Maze

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IKE Presents:


Lotus Eater
Anger. Aggression. Despair. Violence. Feral rage.
Lotus Eater represent the sound of a generation left to rot in the margins. Hailing from the streets of Glasgow – a city where nearly half of young people live in urban poverty – the quintet combine remorseless, down-tuned groove and claustrophobic atmosphere to utterly traumatising effect.
Lotus Eater is a culture, a society, an emotion; your slasher film nightmare in aural form; a bellicose roar from the bottom of the deep: fuck you.
The band’s frenzied, unhinged live catharsis has already won them a legion of fans, each one simply seeking unfettered honesty in a world where the ugly truth is expected to give way to a handsome lie.
With the release of new single ‘Break It’, the band become the first heavy British band to sign to Hopeless Records (Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice) in the label’s 25 year history. They are only just getting started.
“This is the sound of despair, the sound of five broken people, the sound of what happens when you take all hope away,” note the band. “This is not a fucking game to us: we are here to take over.”
This is Lotus Eater.
This is Gloom.

Parting Gift
Parting Gift proving themselves as an exciting band to watch. Headlining runs with Modern Error (who are also one to keep an eye on) and supports with Loathe/Holding Absence have gotten the young band off to a big start, but it’s the songwriting that’s the real key here. While it’s hard to define exactly what Parting Gift sounds like in terms of genre, calling them alternative rock/post-hardcore might come close.

Metal band from Grantha

A Hundred Crowns
Metalcore/Post-hardcore from Nottingham

4 Piece Electronicore band from the Midlands

Doors: 7pm

Tickets – £8 ADV