257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 8:00 pm | Price: £6 adv | Ages: 18+ | Room: The Maze

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Stepping in for Lords at the last minute are Nottingham’s Grey Hairs. They share a member with Lords and it’s his 40th birthday the week after this so consider this a birthday party, albeit one where you all go deaf.

The mighty Bilge Pump. Formed sometime around 1971 (I can’t remember, it might be later) and unquestionably the finest 3 piece rock musical group you will ever see.
The Pump are the rare combination of musical skill and imagination. As a musical unit they’re up there with Led Zep or King Crimson but they never use the band to flex their muscles, it’s always about the communication between the 3 of them and you the audience, making them closer to the communal euphoria of fellow Leeds-ers Gang Of Four than some bloated prog rock nightmare.
They are phenomenal, unique and they’d play for 5 hours if someone didn’t pull the plug on them. We’re honoured to have them back.

Sweet Williams started as the solo project of former Charlottefield singer/guitarist (and Joeyfat and Sloath member) Thomas House.
The first album ‘Bliss’ (on which House played all the instruments) arrived out of nowhere. Instead of being the introspective, solo, acoustic record that you’d expect it was a fantastic minimal rock album that recalled everything from Neil Young & Crazy Horse to Earth to Polvo.
From there, Sweet Williams became a band with a revolving line-up of characters going on to make the second album “Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight”, released on Gringo/Faux Disc in 2016. What a record. Seriously. We’re so stoked to bring them up from Brighton/London for this one and we recommend getting there early.

Thee most surprising band reunion of them all. Elvis and Chris from Lords play as a duo. They’ve done it before but that was back in the days both of them smoked chong so neither remembers what they did. We’re sure it’ll be fine.