The rice is one of the most consumed foods, versatile and delicious with which you have in the cuisine and is also the main base of many traditional dishes, including paella is the most popular. One of the most important elements to be successful when preparing a dish with rice is its proper cooking, and it is here where the times and the amount of liquid that the recipe needs, play a determining role.

How long does it take to cook rice?

If you are preparing a dish with white rice or brown rice, you are probably wondering how long it takes to cook rice. Depending on the type of rice and the recipe you want to make, the cooking time will be different. Rice is a basic ingredient in any diet, so it is essential that you know howlong it takes to cook rice and you can add it to your cooking recipes whenever you want.

Cooking times as per the variation of rice

To cook rice just right, you must take the variety into account and add the right proportion of water to the amount of rice you want to prepare. With this, the cooking times of the rice are as follows:

  • Round rice: 16 minutes
  • Long rice: 12 minutes
  • Brown rice: 40 minutes
  • Basmati rice: 12 minutes
  • Steamed rice or risotto: 10 minutes

The nutritional values ​​differ between some rice and others, and it is usually the whole grains that maintain the most nutrients. However, whites are more traditional. A very determining aspect of rice dishes, which makes them more suitable for one preparation or another, is the starch they contain. Although the water that is incorporated and the cooking time is equally important. A minute up or down can spoil a dish.

Plate of rice

Whole grains are usually the ones that best maintain nutrients

It is not just a matter of taste, that too. Overcooked rice can open up and be unpleasant because it is so soggy. So you have to keep a balance between the type of rice, the water and the time. There use to be two kinds of amylose, starches, and amylopectin. The first is an elongated molecule that does not gelatinize when cooked, and for this reason, the rice that contains it remains looser. Another of its properties is that it hardens more when it cools and forms a kind of crystals that melt when it is reheated. This is the case of long rice, which has more amylase than amylopectin.

On the contrary, it has a branched molecule that makes the grains stick together when released during cooking. It is contained in greater quantity in medium grain rice, which is why it is more suitable for risottos and honeyed rice, for salads and desserts, such as rice pudding or pudding.

One of the keys to the most traditional rice dishes, be they paella or casserole stews, is the resting time of about five minutes that is left from when the stove is turned off until they are brought to the table. When cooking it, it must be taken into account, since this rest is done in the hot container and the rice continues to cook. If you do not want to overcook and prefer the whole grain, you should subtract those minutes from the total cooking time.