257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 9:00 pm | Price: £8 adv / £10 OTD | Ages: 18+ | Room: The Maze

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t’s that time again! After you showed that the Notts party scene is as vibrant and vigourous as ever by ramming out the last event in December, we’re back to bring you another night of top class entertainment… Ladies and gentlemen and all in between, get ready for your ‘Dave’ Reckoning!!

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****D.A.V.E. THE DRUMMER****
He really needs no introduction – but if you don’t know already, DTD is one of the key producers behind the London techno sound in the late 1990’s and owner of one of the best known underground techno labels in the world, Hydraulix. Since 1997 DTD has been DJ’ing all over the world playing great tracks, both new and old, from his vast catalogue of techno music. His recent remix and production work on labels such as: Reklusive, Elektrax, Naked Lunch, Phobiq and of course Hydraulix, has picked up much attention from some of the world’s top techno DJ’s. The new sounds of Hydraulix are a bit darker and a bit slower than you may have heard from him in years gone by, but a quick listen to his latest releases will show you that DTD’s unique brand of techno has evolved into something altogether more exciting and still 1000% stomping! NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Anyone who’s been in and about the rave scene over the last 10 years will know that Mr Skywalker has been dazzling the UK and abroad with his mesmerising and unique brand of hard beats and bass, from Bangface to Boomtown and beyond, including a truly astonishing performance at our very own Mashochism event in January! Now it’s come to our attention that Dave also has a bangin selection of techno that hardly gets a look in….so we’ve only gone and persuaded him to return to the Maze for a second 2017 helping, this time with a WORLD FIRST, NEVER BEFORE SEEN EXCLUSIVE TECHNO SET! We don’t really know what to expect, but as it’s a Skywalker set you know it will be truly unforgettable – SO EXCITED!!!

****SMALL PAUL****
After being forced to pull out of the last event due to bettering himself through education (???), there was no way we were gonna let this Notts techno LEGEND slip through our fingers this time around! One of the founders of the monster that is the Dagobah Soundsystem, spawning the club night that can only be described as the single biggest inspiration behind ONIN – Pure Filth – Paul now has an increasingly amazing selection of his own productions to sit alongside the beautiful bassy stompers we have all come to know and love over the years… BRING. IT. ON!

The driving force behind Loughborough’s recent techno re-emergence, these two young whippersnappers are bringing the sound of underground techno to the new rave generation! Having experienced the wonder of their Apogee event in October, in a an old skittles alley in the basement of a (totally unsuspecting) family pub, we can tell you that you’re in for a treat… We like to think we know techno, but these guys made our jaws drop with their stunning selection of dark and moody tunes that we’d never heard before! PREPARE TO BE SURPRISED AND AMAZED!

****RED K****
Another Notts party favourite, our Kay will be nipping downt road from Worksop to bust out her collection of 4×4 from across the years! With her unique energy and winning smile, she’s gonna make you feel all warm inside 🙂


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Yet another first for Nottingham, we are very lucky indeed to have this lovely gent headlining the upstairs room! Having been DJ’ing all over the UK for a number of years, in 2010 Matt started to produce his own brand of stunning underground beats. A few bootlegs later and he was noticed by the legendary Mandidextrous! Matt sensibly decided that Jungletek was the way to go, quickly becoming a valued part of Mandi’s label, Amen4Tekno. 2015 saw the release of the first Jungletek Mafia album closely followed by numbers two and three, all the while Matt performing at numerous nights, takeovers and festivals alongside the other members of the Jungletek Mafia. With upcoming bookings at the Bangface Weekender and Boomtown to name just two, we are extremely pleased to announce that Matt is joining us at the Maze before all that to melt your face with his kickdrums!

****DJ CASE****
With a well-earned repuation for being one of the fastest and most technically gifted DJs anywhere in the world, DJ Case will happily be returning to play in his hometown for the first time in ages! More screwface inducing jump-up basslines than you can handle, more double drops than you could possibly imagine could be performed live in one set – this badboy DJ will make your eyes go wide, your legs go crazy and your ears become cemented to the bass bin!

Another absolute treat for you here, as one half of this brilliant duo is dusting off his bag of bass, wonk and breaks for a one-off trip down memory lane! A regular at Bangface over the years and now wowing crowds all over the world with his alter-ego Iacchus, Dan has fortuitously agreed to come and peform a unique accelerator set just for you – warping you from 130 to 180 in the time it takes you to say Floccinaucinihilipilification!!

A regular at many a Notts event, resident at the legendary Brouhaha and recently providing DJ support for the almighty Electric Swing Circus, Hannibal Selekta is joining us to spin a mesmorising collection of eclectic beats and bass across many many genres! Expect the unexpected…..

Former Notts Collective resident and all round top gent, we are very excited to welcome Blake back to the Maze to perform a rarely-heard hard DnB set to finish off the night and leave you wanting more!


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