257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 1:00 pm | Price: £sold out | Ages: 18+ | Room: The Maze

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When Nalda Became Punk
Indiepop band based in Vigo (Spain)

The Lovely Eggs
“You won’t hear another band like this anywhere between now and the the end of the millenium. The Lovely Eggs are just brilliant!”– Huw Stephens, Radio One

Night Flowers

The Fireworks
Loud, fuzzy POP band

The Hobbes Fanclub
The Hobbes Fanclub are Adam, Louise and Leon from Bradford, England and they love distortion pedals and reverb.

The School
Irresistible Cardiff-based Sunshine POP

Slum of Legs
Raw girl power punk pop

City Yelps
Purveyors of ‘Cheap Psych’ from Leeds

Manhattan Love Suicides
For anyone who loves fuzzed up guitar assaults, feedback, hit and run gigs, female vocals, melodic pop, ear splitting minimalist noise and hated a hell of a lot of other things.

The Spook School
4 noisy people from Edinburgh

Milky Wimpshake 

It pains me we live in a world where nobody’s heard of Spearmint”, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), ‘(500) Days of Summer’ (2009)