257 Mansfield Road City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3FT

Doors: 7:30 pm | Price: £13 adv / £15 OTD | Ages: 16+ | Room: The Maze


Anti Nowhere League set out on the road in 1980 to prove they could be the worst band on Gods earth.
Loud,violent,obnoxious yobbos with one mission… to get banned from every TV show, radio station and newspapers as possible just for a laugh……they were hated by the general public as well as ‘real’ musicians who thought they were a disgrace to the music business(and of course the fact they were pulling more people in their live shows than they were)…..
With numerous encounters with the authorities they have continued to play and release new material away from the public eye….In this day and age it does not seem quite as big a deal as it was back then when they stood alone now a few of the ‘real’ bands have taken up the ‘flag’ to be original with attitude…long may independent bands continue keeping the music live and real…..long live The League

Hung Like Hanratty
Filthy Punk Rock from Nottinghamshire. One of the most talked about Punk bands around at the moment!

The Fuckwits
Punk Reggae band formed in Sheffield in 2005 with the intention of recreating the authentic flavour of the seminal punk bands of the late 70’s, three old friends, Mr Keef & Chris (The Grind/Rocket Scientists) and Muzz (Artery/Death Trash) teamed up with drummer Mike. Have played with the likes of : Stiff Little Fingers, Sham 69, UK Subs, English Dogs, The Slits, The Rezillos, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Vice Squad, The Buzzcocks, The Damned, The Vibrators, The Lurkers, 999, Ed Tudor-Pole, The Beat, The Selecter, Bad Manners, The Boys, The Members, Neville Staple, Pennywise amongst others, throughout the UK.

Static Kill
Static Kill formed drunkenly in January 2011 displaying their individual slant on acoustic punk, rock n roll and reggae songs. Since then, there has been no stopping the Nottingham trio, which has seen them secure high profile supports for Street Dogs, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, and UK Subs.